Mojave Desert Fire Ecology Workshop


Presentations and photos from the 2013 Mojave Desert Fire Ecology Workshop are now available. Follow the link to see the powerpoint presentations, photos, and videos presented at the April workshop at Lytle Ranch. If you have questions about the presentations, see our collaborators link to reach many of the workshop participants.

Video: Climate-driven invasive grass-fire cycles in the Mojave

Horn thumb

This video shows Landsat 5 imagery of Beaver Dam Wash from 1985 through 2011. Green represents vegetation and red represents recent fire. It was provided by BYU PhD candidate Kevin Horn. He is examining the potential for ecosystem recovery by investigating post-fire plant physiology, seed dispersal through small mammals, and … Continue Reading

Who We Are

tree fire

In the American West, humans are changing the desert. Grass fires are becoming larger, more frequent and more intense. During 2012 there were multiple large fires burning in deserts and forests across the West. Native desert plants and animals are generally not adapted to fire and are slow to recover … Continue Reading