Rush Valley Experiment

seed removal experiment

Seed removal experiment

plot contrast_control vs burn with rodents excluded

Plot contrast: Control vs. Burn with rodents excluded

Learning about ants

Ant mound with area cleared of vegetation

burn plot_rodents not excluded

Burn plot with rodents not excluded

burn plot_rodents excluded

Burn plot with rodents excluded

Shelter area

Shelter area with trays inverted


Researchers contrasting plots

Rush Valley

A view of Rush Valley outside experimental area.


Shelter areas allow light but limit water.

Rodent Fence

Fence excludes small mammals to observe differences in seed dispersal/seedling survival.

Ant mounds

Ant mounds with cleared vegetations surround them.


Shelter areas have transparent troughs that don’t limit light, but can limit water.

Shelter area

Troughs in shelter areas allow all UV to pass through.


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