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tree fireSummary and Goals
In the American West, humans are changing the desert. Grass fires are becoming larger, more frequent and more intense. During 2012 there were multiple large fires burning in deserts and forests across the West … read more.



Desert1 smallProject Background
Deserts tend to experience less fire than other biomes because water and nutrient limitations to plant growth result in low and discontinuous fuel loads.  However, recent analyses shows that deserts of North America may be at a “tipping point” in which fires that historically were rare and patchy are increasing in frequency, size and intensity … read more.


Exp Plan 1Experimental Plan
We recently completed the installation of experimental infrastructure for long-term research studies in Great Basin sagebrush-steppe and Mojave shrubland communities, both of which are currently experiencing dramatic increases in exotic grass invasion and fire … read more.



survey talkSocial Science
Applied ecological research doesn’t occur in a social vacuum. We designed this research to address relevant on-the-ground concerns, meet the needs and concerns of a public interested in public land management, and to help managers make restoration decisions as cost-effective as possible … read more.



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